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The Association for Information on Complementary Cancer Treatment in Denmark is an association for people who want to support, and help make information and information about known treatments' positive effects on various diseases such as cancer, accessible to everyone.

The association has emerged on the basis of a very high desire to inform, in particular cancer sufferers and their relatives, about the treatment options that already exist around the world - whether it be about medicines or natural remedies - but which are not offered by the established, conventional treatment system.

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Care Onkology Clinic in London prints prescriptions that can be used in Denmark on the COC Protocol. The recipes are taken to the pharmacy and "redeemed". There is the possibility of online consultation on their website.

Four complementary treatments not provided by the established conventional treatment system in Denmark.

Repurposed Drugs

Is trapped between the complementary and the conventional treatment system although it can potentially be a game changer.

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Or high-dose C vitamin kills cancer cells, and is safe, shows many studies and gives optimism for better cancer treatment in the future. IVC is already carried out in Dk.

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Is a treatment that involves removing the cancer by means of electrical impulses. NanoKnife is therefore also called irreversible electroporation (IRE). Performed in Germany and China and more.

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Regional chemotherapy

Concentrates the effect of the medical chemo fluid in the area known to be affected by cancer. Directly in tumor or metastasis. Performed i.a. in Germany.

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