FOOKiD Is the danish acronym for: The Association for Information on Complementary Cancer Treatment in Denmark and we are an association for people who want to support, and help to make information about known treatments’ positive effects on various diseases, such as cancer, available. To all.

The association has emerged on the basis of a very high desire to inform, especially those affected by cancer and their relatives, about the treatment options that already exist around the world – whether it is about drugs or natural remedies – but which are not offered by the established conventional treatment system.

All can join the association and the first year of membership is free. You can join the association already now and support the good and needed public education at:

Have you no interest in disseminating this information, based on a conviction that medicines are pure poison, harmful to the body and only to maintain people in disease so the pharmaceutical industry can skim even more cream you should probably not be a member.

The association is meant as a meeting place for people who want an informed basis on which to make their decisions in relation to their treatment and help promote public education on different treatment options that are valid in relation to treating different types of cancer and other diseases. There is no official information on, for example, Repurposed Drugs (Off label) in the Danish and European cancer treatment or cancer information, therefore we want that all the extensive valid knowledge actually available on this area, comes to the people and especially to cancer suffers

We actively work to establish and implement a much-needed public education on the relevant treatment options that already exist in cancer treatment and in the future expand this information so that it also includes other life-threatening diseases and more.

It is the association’s clear goal to contribute to the Danish and European health debate, especially in the field of cancer strategy and treatment.

The association is behind – and drives – the facebook group Repurposed Drugs mod kræft (RD against cancer), through which cancer sufferers can be informed about the various known drugs’ positive effects on different types of cancer.


  1. The association wants to inform cancer sufferers about treatment options in Denmark and abroad.
  2. The association must actively contribute to informing health professionals, health authorities and other stakeholders in the health field in Denmark about treatment options in Denmark and abroad.
  3. The association works on the basis of a belief that cancer sufferers are entitled to information on valid treatment options in Denmark and abroad, regardless of the degree of evidence.
  4. The association works on the wish that all cancer sufferers in Denmark (and world wide) get a real choice, on an informed basis in their treatment regardless of the degree of evidence, limits or economy.
  5. The association works actively to gather the existing information on treatment options in Denmark and abroad and establish a national and international information center on the Internet.
  6. The association works to create openness and debate about the results of cancer treatment and side effects.
  7. The association works to create opportunities for research into complementary treatment.
  8. The association is an independent and independent association. It must remain independent, organizational as well as financial, of commercial interests.
  9. The association wants to cooperate with other self-help organizations possibly. international groups and other associations with similar goals.

It is the association’s clear belief that the existing cancer strategy is not sufficient and must be revised. It has not been officially audited for almost 100 years and so needs extensive revision.

The association fully endorses the opinions and attitudes that are emerging in both the United States and Europe. Attitudes and opinions that clearly argue for – and show that cancer treatment must include all available and valid opportunities – not just the few established treatments such as chemo and radiation therapy.

The association fully agrees with the prominent cancer sufferers who have taken responsibility for their own survival and either complimented their conventional treatment or completely rejected it in order to go an alternative way. All of these thousands of cancer victims around the world have proven that the existing cancer strategy is insufficient and must be reviewed by both politicians and health professionals as GPs, oncologists, etc. The association will highlight some of the most exposed people who have dedicated their lives to inform cancer sufferers of all the possibilities that exist and can be combined advantageously with the conventional treatment or stand alone.

Jane McLeland describes in her book: How to starve cancer how she starved the cancer through Repurposed Drugs. Jane got no help from this by oncologists or doctors but had to find the known drugs that had a positive effect on her cancer. Jane lives a lovely life, 15 years after she got a terminal diagnosis – her death sentence – and was “dropped” by the English treatment system. Jane informs and informs and helps cancer sufferers through her facebook group: Jane McLelland Off label drugs for cancer. We collaborates with Jane McLelland and is often in contact with her and the team.

Ben Williams is another remarkable survivor who decades after his death sentence by the US treatment system still helps, informs and tell about Repurposed Drugs (Off label medicine). Ben was diagnosed with the very worst form of cancer in his brain – the type of cancer that oncologists around the world call terminator and got little time to live in. He began to self-medicate with known drugs that had shown a positive effect on cancer and lives today without any trace of cancer in his brain. Ben Williams is a docter in Psychiatry with a Ph.D. and is portrayed in the documentary: Surviving terminal cancer that can be seen on Youtube. He has also written the book of the same name.

The association will seek a collaboration with Ben Williams in the future. The association wants to cooperate, in the future, with the European organization ECPC – European Cancer Patient Coalition – and that way through bringing the information on complementary cancer treatments to Europe’s cancer sufferers

The association collaborates with the expertise such as doctors, researchers, other associations and the pharmaceutical industry. The established knowledge and insight lies with these actors and we are clear of the conviction that everyone can contribute and everyone can benefit from each other in good cooperation.

If you want to support the association, you are very welcome to sign up and remember that the first year is free.Thanks for reading here.

The Board.